Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes

These days probably many people were tired of trying to get Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes. Right? Well, no matter if you’re trying to upgrade the tower or upgrading the character present in the game. The only requirement to upgrade any is having 100% working tower defense simulator codes. Hence for the people who all would like to play the game on regular basis, these codes help in providing or offer hardcore gems, XP, coins, premium skin crates, and many more interesting at the same time useful things.

tower defense simulator codes

Hence this is the platform where you all going to grab plenty of codes that definitely help you to purchase the needs within the game at any time. We will make sure the lists as shown below are going to be frequently get updated so that you may not miss the best working simulator codes all the time. Hence now without wasting our valuable time, let’s head over to the details like lists of tower defense simulator codes, how to redeem and many more updated just below in easily understandable language.

Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes Lists

As per the present scenario, we are here to update the lists of Roblox tower defense simulator codes. These codes are considered as rewards provided by the one and only famous Paradoxum Games developer. All these codes however can be redeemed and the steps were shown below. Make sure you pick any of it and try using it to unlock the needful game characteristics. So, therefore, here are the lists.

  • 260KLikes – 5000Gold
  • 1Billion – 1Deluxe SkinCrate
  • 250KLikes – 5000Gold
  • 240KLikes – 5000Gold
  • celebration21 – 1Party SkinCrate
  • Maja – 75 Gold
  • Community20 – Community Minigunner
  • Betero – Betero tower
  • 200KMay – 500 coins
  • Blueio – Blueio tower
  • RobloxD1ed – 1 Premium skin Crate
  • BrenORJ7 – BrenORJ7 tower
  • fiftyk – 200 coins
  • Gravy – GravyCatMan tower
  • BLoxy21 – Bloxy commander
  • Inemajohn – Inemajohn tower
  • Sub2PlanetMilo – Plantet_Milo tower
  • 1Pumpkin – 1Pumpkin skincrate
  • MerryChristmas – Christmas Spidey tower
  • 2Spooky4u – 1Spooky SkinCrate
  • 5KMILESTONE – Twitter Skin
  • HAPPY3AST3R! – Springtime Skin
  • ICYFreeze – ICYTea Skin
  • Doublebloxies – Kasodus Skin
  • Russo – Russo tower
  • SnowRBX –  SnowRBX tower
  • Tofuu – Tofuu tower
  • delayed – 1Premium skinCrate
  • Veyar – Veyar tower
  • teleportfailed – 1Premium SkinCrate
  • 120K – 100 coins and 60EXP
  • GOR1LLA – 250 coins and 25EXP
  • gems – 150points
  • 3S8KZMC – 250 coins and 50 EXP
  • ELECTRO – 100coins
  • SPR1NGM1L3ST0NE – Springtime Skin
  • W33KLICODE – 65EXP
  • imababy – 100 points
  • TRICKORTREAT – Halloween Skin
  • J0HNRBX – John
  • SF0TH – 350coins
  • RAZ0RF1SH – 100Coins and 60EXP
  • MrFlimmyFlammy – Albert/Flamingo tower
  • HAPPY4TH – 84EXP
  • 02MOMENT – 100 EXP
  • Friday – Unknown
  • T3MPLAR – 100 EXP
  • B1RDHUNT3R – Hunter’
  • 1 MILVISITS – 500 coins
  • R3TR0  – 50 EXP
  • itwasmotar – 100 points
  • SW33TXP – 50EXP
  • SUMMER – 250 coins
  • 10KPLAYERS – 100coins and 200EXP
  • KITT3N – 100 coins and 60EXP
  • LONGWAIT – 100coins, 50EXP, and Russian
  • B1RDHUNT3R – Hunter
  • 30K – 1Pumpkin SkinCrate
  • JOHNROBLOX – PaintBaller
  • newyear2021 – 1Premium Skincrate
  • Launch – 2Premium skincrates

How to redeem Roblox Tower Defense Simulator Codes?

Very simple! In order to redeem any of these codes, you must attempt to follow certain easy steps. Thus the points were as shown below.

tower defense simulator wiki

  • The very first, you are suggested to open the tower defense simulator.
  • Tap on the Twitter logo which is present on the left side of the screen.
  • Pick any of the above codes, copy and paste the same at the available space.
  • Finally, tap on redeem.
  • That’s it! This way you can easily get success in grabbing rewards without facing any kind of trouble.

How to Get More Roblox tower defense Simulator codes?

If your one thinking about the same, then here is the solution. Just make sure you follow the official Twitter page or else simply join the Discord server to get much more needful or useful latest and 100% working codes.

tower defense simulator

Besides this, there you are going to find out numerous developers who will constantly update the codes which help you to unlock the game characteristics so easily. Along with these, Youtube is also such a big platform where you can find the codes uploaded by the many game developers frequently.

How to Play Roblox Tower defense simulator?

For this, you can think of many different strategies for how to play games and win the same successfully. Initial 9 waves in the game, people were asked to try and then must destroy the zombies as soon as possible within the time frame. Riflemen like soldiers and John appear as good in the early time. Hence in order to earn the wave bonus, the number of zombies must be destroyed as soon as possible.

tower battle codes

Later these wave bonuses however result in delivering lots of towers. By taking the help of the above codes, one can unblock the characteristics which may help to win the game much faster. Hence if you like to experience the same, make sure you initiate playing the game along with the team as soon as possible. Try the codes and redeem the characteristics too without facing any kind of trouble.


I hope the details shared here were clear enough to understand, follow and implement the same to play and win the game. In order to learn more, get in touch with and upgrade your knowledge by learning many things about your favorite and interesting games.

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