Roblox Paint Bucket Codes and RGB Values

Roblox game always tries to satisfy its players by providing regular promo codes and other game codes. Roblox Paint Bucket is such a tool that is given on Roblox game to create your own world full of colors. Though there seems to have a problem with this paint bucket, it is still loved by the users.

Roblox is an online video game creating and playing platform where users are set free to create their games and play them. You can build almost every thing that relates to the real world on Roblox with the 3D virtual blocks. This game is loved by almost every one regardless of their ages.

Roblox Paint Bucket

If you are looking for information on Roblox Paint Bucket gear, then here is the complete guide for you which will help you to use this tool efficiently.

Roblox Paint Bucket

Roblox has codes for almost every thing on its platform. Such is a category of Gear codes. The gear codes can be used to enhance your game play. It consists of codes which gives you tools for building, fighting, transporting, and many more.

The Paint Bucket is a tool under the Gear category. It is a tool used for building. It is generally used in mass vandalism and explosive detention. You can also gather the colors in your paint bucket and later fill the walls with colors of your wish.

Roblox Paint Bucket Codes

Roblox Paint Bucket Code

The Paint Bucket comes under the Gear Codes category in Roblox. You can use this paint bucket to build or destroy, construct or deconstruct any thing you want in the game.

Roblox Paint Bucket Code: 18474459

Roblox Color Codes And RGB Values

Price Of Roblox Paint Bucket Code

The Roblox Paint Bucket code costs you 100 coins of Roblox money or 100 Robux. You can find a special occasion like Christmas or New Year, when the game gives discounts on the codes. You can also complete the tasks that have Paint Bucket as its reward to get it for free.

How To Get Roblox Paint Bucket

You can directly buy the Paint Bucket from the store present in your game. If not, you can also go through the code and then buy it. To get the Paint Bucket from the website, follow the instructions given below.

  • Open your browser and go to Make sure to login to your account.

How To Get Roblox Paint Bucket

  • Now, head to the Catalogs page.
  • Or else, you can directly type the on the search bar.
  • You will get the Catalogs page with a search bar on your screen.

How To Get Roblox Paint Bucket Code

  • Enter the word “Paint Bucket” or just paste its code from here.
  • 18474459″
  • You will get the item on your screen.
  • Then, click on Buy option and its done.

Roblox Paint Bucket Giver

You can also get the Paint Bucket with out spending money. There is a way to get it for free. Roblox Paint Bucket Giver is a thing on Roblox that gives Paint Bucket for free. This worked for almost 60% users on Roblox. You can also try your luck on this page.

To get free Paint Bucket, go to Copy this URL and paste it on your browser.

How To Use Roblox Paint Bucket

To use the Roblox paint bucket, certain steps need to be taken. Firstly, go to kohl admin house and type the command “gear me 18474459”. This is the gear code of the Paint Bucket in Roblox.

You will get a new user interface on your screen. You will see your character on the screen holding a bucket, actually a paint bucket. The screen will have so many color options provided for you.

How To Use Roblox Paint Codes

You can collect whatever colors you want from the given surroundings and keep them in your bucket. You can use these colors to color any thing or to destroy any thing based on your wish. You can fill the bricks of the building with the colors of your wish.

This bucket can be used as a tool of mass vandalism.Once you gather enough colors of your choice, click on a color and drag your mouse to paint the color. You can use these Paint Bucket colors for constructing use, but most of the users use it for mass destruction and explosion.

To use the colors, you can also use the codes given below.

Roblox Paint Bucket Second Version

The original version of Paint Bucket was not that user friendly and has a limited number of colors. To overcome this issue, a second version of Paint Bucket was released in September 2017.

The latest version has more features added to it.

  • It supports draggable interface.
  • The latest one has many more color options provided.
  • It has more fresh and vibrant colors.
  • Filtering Enabled Support is also available.

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Final Words

We hope this article helped you get full knowledge about the Roblox Paint Bucket gear. You can easily buy the paint bucket and use it for your game. Keep visiting our website CodeAmberAlertAg for more articles related to Roblox codes.

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