Roblox Face Codes: How to Get Roblox Face ID’s for free

Roblox never fails to amaze its users with the latest advancements and features including in the game. The game allows Roblox Face Codes for its players which can be used to modify the facial expressions and emotions of the character.

Roblox is a world-famous game with over 164 million active monthly users. This game is loved very much because of its creative content and amazing features given for the players. You can create your own game and play on this platform. Customizing options are huge on Roblox as you can modify your game avatar with the accessories and skins provided in the game store.

Roblox Face

You can also change your faces in the game according to your mood. These faces comes in both free and paid versions. The paid ones should be bought with your Robux. We will tell you the best Roblox face codes in this article that you can use to get a unique face for your game character.

Roblox Face

The Roblox face codes are special promo codes given by Roblox which can be used to customize your game avatar’s facial expressions and looks. These faces are fun to use and depicts the nature and qualities of your character. There are a large number of face codes available on Roblox both for female and male characters with various kinds of emotions. You can easily decorate your Roblox men or women’s faces with these face codes.

Roblox Face Codes

We are describing the best Roblox faces here which are completely free to use. Just use the code and get the face your face. No need to spend money for these faces.

Roblox Chill Face

Roblox Face Code: 7074764

Chill Face Roblox









The Chill Face is a facial look of a straight face with no expressions. This face has the characteristics of both Good Face and Evil Face. The Chill Face is one of the most used and liked faces on Roblox with over 436k users.

Silly Fun

Roblox Face code : 7699174

Roblox Epic Face









The Silly Fun is the most loved face among free faces on Roblox with more than 765k users till now. It has a face that depicts fun loving, naughty, cheerful, and crazy nature of the character. You can use this for both men and women on Roblox.

Winning Smile

Roblox Face code : 616380929

Roblox Face Winning Smile

The Winning Smile is everyone’s personal favorite. This face has a beautiful and genuine smile which depicts the happiness of your characters. It is having more than 715k users on Roblox.


Roblox Face code : 144075659

Roblox Face Smile

The Smile Face is also one among the most used faces on Roblox with 550k users on the game. It is a face with a genuine smile that shows happiness and cheerfulness of your character in the game. Use this face when you are in a good mood.

Woman Face

Roblox Face code : 86487766

Roblox Face Woman Smile

The Woman Face is, as the name implies, a female face. This face is of a pretty woman smiling. Female Roblox users will definitely love this face.

Classic Male Face

Roblox Face code : 4018617474

Classic Male Face

The Classic Male Face is a free face code available for Roblox users.  This face is for male characters of Roblox. It shows a hideous emotion of the face with a smirk on face and honesty in eyes. It is favored by many users with over 107k users on Roblox.

Classic Female Face

Roblox Face code : 4018627046

Classic Female Face

Roblox’s women users seem to love this face very much. It has more than 214k users on the catalog page of Roblox. This face is a female version of Classical Male Face. This face has that famous classical smirk on its face that shows there is something not so right. It shows strong emotions of conceitedness.

Man Face

Roblox Face code : 86487700

Roblox Face Man Face

The Man Face is for male characters of Roblox. It has features of a strong man with a lot of emotions but is stable in behaviour.

Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Roblox Face code : 2493587489

Roblox Chill Face

This face gives the Paladins vibes in Roblox. It is having 63k likes on the catalog page of Roblox. The Knights of Redcliff: Paladin face depicts the commanding nature and strong ruling vibe on its face.

Check It

Roblox Face code : 7074786

Roblox Face Code Check it

This face is mostly used when players are starting some new work or displaying their creativity to others. The Check It face is also liked by many users on Roblox. This face has 231k likes on Roblox catalog page.

Roblox Face Codes

We are also listing some other best Roblox face codes below. All of these might not be free to use. You need to pay some Robux to purchase them from the game. But, these faces are worth it. All you have to do is just copy the code from here and paste on the Roblox promo code page. You can easily use the faces for your game avatar then.

  • 391495894: Redeem this code to get Ogre Face.
  • 2568804274: Redeem this code to get So Super Excited- Purple Face.
  • 1428424821: Redeem this code to get Purple Mermaid Princess Face.
  • 3267564334: Redeem this code to get Prideful Smile Face.
  • 323191430: Redeem this code to get Daring Blonde Beard Face.
  • 2225761296: Redeem this code to get Radioactive Beast Mode Face.
  • 823012694: Redeem this code to get Sneaky Steve Face.
  • 25267538: Redeem this code to get Emperor Face.
  • 554650579: Redeem this code to get Crazybot 10000 Face.
  • 10678423: Redeem this code to get Bad Dog Face.

Final Words

Roblox face codes are absolutely fun to use and shows the emotions that your characters can’t speak out. You can just get the code from here and redeem the code to get exciting faces. If you found this article helpful, share it with your friends. Keep visiting our website CodeAmberAlertAg for more related articles.

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