Lalala Roblox ID

Lalala Roblox ID: 3447240528

Lalala is trending almost every day on TikTok. Scrolling through the video-sharing platform, you will come across a number of videos with this audio. Now you can find the music codes for “Lalala” by Y2K and Bbno$ and play this song on the Roblox games.

Lalala Roblox ID

Lalala is a hip-hop song released in 2019 by American producer Y2K and Canadian rapper Bbno$. The rapper is best known for this single and it is one of his biggest hits. This song is also registered on Roblox and many different versions of this song such as Lofi remix, clean version, etc, are available too. If you are looking for the Lalala Roblox song ID, then copy the code from here.

Lalala Roblox ID

Lalala Roblox song ID is a registered music ID that will let you play the “Lalala” song by Y2K and Bbno$. We have gathered all the Roblox music codes so that our readers can enjoy their games on Roblox with music in the background. Here is the Roblox ID for Lalala.

Roblox ID
Lalala Roblox ID: 3447240528

Other Lalala Roblox Music IDs

These are other Lalala music codes that you can use on Roblox to listen to different versions of this song. You just have to copy the code and add the code to your game.

Lalala Roblox ID 4434814455
Lalala Roblox ID 3985903440
Lalala (Clean Version) Roblox ID 3294968898
Lalala (Lofi Remix) Roblox ID 3985903440

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