How To Add Friends on Roblox in Different Ways

How to add friends on Roblox? Find friends on the Roblox page, search for users, invite while you play, even from mobile or tablet. As with most free games, Roblox on Xbox lets you play on other platforms too. Because of this, expect to meet tons of players in each of the popular games.

You can keep playing with these people by adding them to the game. However, this is a different process than with a PC and mobile phone.

How To Add Friends on Roblox

How to Find and Add Friends on Roblox

To find a friend, user or player, first, go to the Friends or Friends section. Because if you don’t go to that section and put your username in the search bar, games with similar names will appear.

From there write the name of your friend or user in the search bar file and all users with a similar name will be displayed. Without having to enter the profile, from the search results you can click on Add friend or Add friend and your friend request will be sent

Friendship Request

After sending a friend request (add friend), the recipient must accept it so that both users become friends. Again, go to the Friends or Friends Section, and once there, the Requests or Requests tab (the fourth). From there you can see all the friend requests you have and reject them (ignore them) or accept them (accept).

how to add friends on roblox xbox

How to Find and Add Friends on Roblox – While playing

Sometimes you are playing and want to invite someone from inside the server that you don’t know. You can write down the name and follow the previous method, but there is another much easier and faster option.

How to add friends on roblox mobile

Press ESC on your keyboard and go to the players or players tab (usually the first one). From there you will see How to add friends on Roblox all the players on your server and to the right of each the option to add them as friends.

Find and Add Friends on Roblox – Mobile and Tablet

You can know how to add friends on Roblox in your mobile or tablet. For that, you need to follow some steps below and know more on how to add friends on roblox.

Mobile or Cellphone

  • Press the button below the screen
  • Press Friends
  • You will see a search icon (magnifying glass) above) Find the search bar icon at the top
  • Enter your friend’s username and search
  • To the right of your username, you will see the option to add it


  • Press the start button (at the bottom of the screen)
  • Click the icon at the top of the screen
  • Write the name of the player you want to invite
  • You will get a list, click the name of the user you want
  • Click send a friend request
  • Click the Send Friend Request button
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