Cradles Roblox ID – Sub Urban Roblox Id 2021

Cradles Roblox ID: 3905494420

Here is the most awaited Cradles Roblox ID for music lovers. Listening to your favorite music while playing Roblox video games is a perfect combination.

Cradles Roblox ID

Roblox video gaming platform provides amazing features for its users. One of those features is the music codes. You can listen to the registered songs on Roblox by using these codes.

We will tell you the music code for Sub Urban’s mega-hit song Cradles here.

Cradles Roblox ID

There is no need of playing those long YouTube videos for your favorite songs. Just give the code on Roblox, and the music will play in the background while your game is running.

Thousands of songs and music codes are available on Roblox of various styles and genres.

Roblox ID
Cradles Roblox ID: 3905494420

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