Barbie Girl Roblox ID

Barbie Girl Roblox ID: 2839884468

If you are searching for the Roblox music code for Barbie Girl, then this post is especially for you. Get the Roblox music code for Barbie Girl by Aqua here. Barbie Girl is a song that never fades away. This song was released originally in 1997 but many girls still love to listen to it.

barbie girl roblox id

With the Radio Boombox accessory on Roblox, the players can listen to songs on Roblox. The players have to provide the respective song ID or music code associated with the song to play it on the Roblox gaming platform. Here, we have provided the Roblox music codes for Barbie Girl for you.

Barbie Girl Roblox ID

We have provided the “Barbie Girl Roblox ID” below. Copy the Roblox music codes for all your favorite songs from here and enjoy playing them on Roblox.

Roblox ID
Barbie Girl Roblox ID: 2839884468

Barbie Girl Roblox Music Codes

Some of the Roblox music codes may not work all the time because the gaming platform removes some of the codes due to copyright issues. We have got a list of some other music codes here that you can use to play Barbie Girl by Aqua.

Barbie Girl Roblox Music Code 340003761
Barbie Girl Roblox Song ID 3491364944
Barbie Girl Roblox Music ID 2839884468
Barbie Girl – Aqua (T Remix) Roblox ID 751926185

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