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In this difficult economy Code Amber Alertag can help your group raise funds.

Our Fundraisers are perfect for your church, club, team, school or any other group. There is no inventory to buy and you can make up to $10 for each Alertag sold.

This recognized Code Amber brand product provides a perfect opportunity for you to raise money for your organization by selling a quality personal safety product that everyone needs to carry.

Most organizations will qualify for our Consignment Program. If so, we will send you Alertags with no payment due for 60 days at 50% off the suggested retail price. Our Consignment Program is no risk. If you don't sellout with in the 60 days simply return the unsold Alertags and pay for those you did sell.

We have Programs for everyone so fill out the form below and we will contact you right away and put together a Fundraiser that is right for you.

Why the Code Amber Alertag Fundraising Program
  • Everyone can use the product you are selling - moms and dads, the kids, grandma and even the family pet
  • Feel Good/Do Good - this is a potentially life saving product
  • Used by - Fire, Police and Emergency Medical services
  • Pays up to $10 per Alertag sold
  • No up front cost to you or your organization to get started
  • Work at your own pace - do periodic or continuous Fundraisers
We will provide you with the all the necessary forms, customized with your group's name, address and logo, so you can start raising funds right away.
Please use the Contsact form to inquire about our fundraisers.

Each Account comes with three tags.
One wallet size and two smaller tags suitable for your keychain or backpack.

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