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The Code Amber Alertag is an excellent benefit to offer your employees and their families.

Increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover by offering the Code Amber Alertag as a low cost additional benefit.

This recognized Code Amber brand product provides a perfect opportunity for your company to add to your existing employee benefit package. With our deeply discounted pricing for businesses that are members of their local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau you have the option of absorbing the cost of the Alertags or passing the cost on to your employees and their families.

Reasons to add the Code Amber Alertag to your benefit package:
  • Increase Employee Loyalty
  • Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Show your Employees that You Care About Their Family
  • Enhance your Company's Reputation as a Caring Employer
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Each Account comes with three tags.
One wallet size and two smaller tags suitable for your keychain or backpack.

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